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MMA mengalu-alukan para ahli untuk menghantar sebarang artikel berbentuk ilmiah atau kemasyarakatanyang bersifat mendidik, terutama yang berkaitan dengan muamalat, perbankan dan kewangan Islam untuk diterbitkan di dalam laman web MMA. Semua artikel boleh dihantar kepada Setiausaha di emel Semoga perkongsian ilmu yang dilakukan ini mendapat keberkatan dariNYA dan semoga usaha kecil ini diredhaiNya sentiasa, inshaAllah.


The 5th Islamic Economic System Conference (iECONS) 2013

The 5th Islamic Economic System Conference

 (iECONS) 2013


Sustainable Development through the Islamic Economic System


4 – 5 September 2013

Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur




Faculty of Economics and Muamalat

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)


 In collaboration with


Malaysian Muamalat Association (MMA)




The conference on Islamic Economic System (iECONS) provides a platform for open dialogues and discussions among academics, researchers, postgraduate students, and practitioners to address current and pertinent issues, prospects, challenges and opportunities in the Islamic economic system. The conference will bring together researchers who are actively pushing the boundaries of knowledge in various domains of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:



1)      Waqf and Economic Development

  •  Corporatization of Waqf
  •  Waqf Fund and Management
  •  Waqf Financing
  •  The Role of Economic Development


2)      Islamic Monetary Policy & Finance

  •   Gold Dinar
  •   Currency Issues
  •  Islamic Finance
  •  Islamic Non-Bank Institution (Tabung Haji / Hajj Funding Institution, Baitulmal, al-Rahn etc)
  •  Monetary Policy and Financial Stability for Economic Growth


3)      Islamic Social Security

  •   Zakat
  •   Sadaqah
  •  Hibah
  •  Fara’id
  •  Poverty Alieviation, Issues and challenges
  •  Issues on Poverty and Access to Basic Needs (Health, Education, Public Transportation, etc)
  •  Social Capital


4)      Institutional Trade & Economic Development of Muslim Countries

  •  Development of Financial Systems in the Muslim Countries
  •  Economic Growth and Development of Muslim Countries
  •  Insititutions in Economic Development of Muslim Countries
  •  Issues in Health Economics in the Muslim Countries
  •  Natural Resources Management in Muslim  Countries
  •  Intra/Inter Trading among Muslim Countries
  •  Regional and Global Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Muslim Countries
  •  Regulatory Issues Pertaining to the Promotion of Trade among Muslim Countries
  •  Islamic Banking and Finance in Muslim Countries
  •  Trade Blocks, Agreement and Exchange Rate Mechanism of Muslim Countries


5)      Islamic Economic System

  •   Islamic Economic Theories, Practices and Development
  •   Islamic Economy in the Post-Crisis Period
  •   Case Study in Economics or Islamic Economics
  •   Comparative Economic System
  •   Islamic Economic Thought
  •   Biography / Contribution / Theories / Manuscripts Analysis of Muslim Scholars & Fiqh Experts
  •   Muamalat Principles and Practices


6)      Islamic Banking, Finance & Investment

  •   Islamic Banking (Performances, Issues, Challenges, Prospects or etc)
  •   Capital Market
  •   Sukuk
  •   Islamic Investment
  •   Islamic Wealth Management
  •   Syariah Auditing for Islamic Financial Institutions
  •   Takaful and Retakaful
  •   Micro/Community Financing /Macro Development Financing
  •   Marketing of Islamic Banking


7)      Best Practices / Policy Study & Halal Industries

  • Policy Study and Economic Performance
  •   Islamic Tourism
  •   Halal Industries
  • The Potential of  Islamic Tourism and Marketing Industry
  •   The Role of Auditing and Standards to Strengthen the Economic Performance
  •   Green Economics
  •   Financial Globalization and Economic Policy
  •   Jihad Business / Islamic Entrepreneurship Theories and Practices


and any other relevant areas of interest in Islamic Economics.


Those intending to present papers at iECONS 2013 must submit an abstract and full paper to the secretariat latest by 20 July 2013.

The abstract should be not be more than 300 words, typed in font size 10, Times New Roman, single spaced and justified. Language can either be in English, Malay or Arabic. Abstract should contain: purpose of the study, method and findings. Please indicate not more than 5 keywords with the abstract.

References to other publications must be in  American Psychology Association (APA) referencing style and references should be carefully checked for completeness, accuracy and consistency. Paper should follow the provided Format of Paper Writing.



1. Full Paper Submission                                           20 July 2013

2. Notification of Full Paper Acceptance                  30 July 2013

3. Camera Ready Submission                                   2 August 2013

4. Early Bird Deadline                                              5 August 2013

5. Participant Registration Deadline                        12 August 2013

6. Conference Date                                                   4 – 5 September 2013







Best papers will be selected on the basis of review reports from the conference’s panel reviewers. Three winners will receive an honorarium, certificate and an invitation to publish the paper in The Journal of Muamalat and Islamic Finance Research (JMIFR).



All participants and presenters paying the full package (MYR 750.00 for early bird and MYR 850.00 for normal rates) are eligible to get 50% discounts for one year’s membership in the Malaysian Muamalat Association (MMA).






Early Bird



Participant /  Presenter (Full Package)

MYR 750.00

MYR 850.00


Student (Malaysian Institute of  Higher Education)

MYR 350.00

MYR 400.00


International Participant

USD 350.00

USD 450.00


Student (Non-Malaysian Institute of  Higher Education)

USD 200.00

USD 250.00

Your paper will be included in the conference proceeding upon payment. Payment or proof of payment transaction should be submitted to the secretariat before or in 12 August 2013.

Local Order (LO) will not be accepted for payment method.


Contact Information

iECONS2013 Treasurer
5th Islamic Economic System Conference 2013 (iECONS 2013)
Faculty of Economics and Muamalat
Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
Bandar Baru Nilai
71800 Nilai

Negeri Sembilan


Tel:  +606-7986305

Fax: +606-7986302/08



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